A tool to help your
Home, office, or shop remodeling projects

Jper is a free project management platform that matches you with qualified and experienced interior designers and contractors. It is especially programmed to promote trust and transparency throughout the process of home and business remodeling.

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Step 1:
Define Your Project

Rather it be a remodeling project of your home, office, or shop, simply fill out your renovation criteria such as functionality and style preferences, submit your project then start matching!

Step 2:
Compare & Choose

Qualified designers and contractors will bid on your project. You get to view multiple design & contracting quotations for free and choose who you want to work with.

Step 3:
Implement & Manage

Manage your project scope and budget with Jper to ensure smoother implementation. Safely use Jper to pay your service professionals online.

With Jper, You Can ...

  • Select From Certified Professionals

    Jper carefully screens each service professional to ensure you select only from qualified interior designers & contractors.

  • Decide Who You Want to Work With

    With the free design proposals & contract quotes you receive, you can choose designers & contractors separately from different companies.

  • Monitor Your Budget

    The platform allows you to manage your work scope & budget to ensure project transparency.

  • Release Balance Until Project Completion

    Jper withholds 10% of each invoice amount for you until your designer & contractor's work is done.

  • Safely & Conveniently Pay Invoice Online

    Deposit your funds to Jper and directly pay your designer & contractor online.

  • Rate Your Team

    Gain access to ratings before you make a selection. You can also rate them upon project completion. Simplify your experience & execute in confidence.

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