About Us

A Junction to Meet, Collaborate, and Execute with ease

Our Story

Have you ever walked by a beautiful interior design company and immediately know a remodeling project with them would be charged at a premium? Or when you enter a contracting firm and knew they lack the design sense you wanted? Do you wonder if you could ever choose your own team?

The idea of Jper came to realization when we noticed the sheer amount of cases where people were bombarded with unclear, overestimated refurbishment pricing and prolonged construction periods due to vague contract agreements and poor project management. So, we created Jper. Our goal is to provide a junction for professional designers, contractors, and home & business owners to meet and collaborate seamlessly on a property remodeling project.

We want you to realize that the company who designed your space doesn't necessarily mean they have to be the ones who build it. We want our users to make their own choice and manage their project with ease!

We strive to keep this interactive platform easy to use, reliable, and transparent. We hope that by bringing Jper into the market, you won't need to deal with ambiguity and conflicts associated with your project.

Our Team

To ensure a smooth design and build process, Jper partners only with qualified designers and contractors. We believe that every successful remodeling project is as good as the individuals behind it; that is why we also build our team with people who are genuine, devoted, and professional.

Jper’s founder, Ronald S., has dedicated himself in the building & construction industry for over 12 years and his experience has taught him the importance of effective communication and standardized procedures to simplify such projects. After completing his MBA at UC Berkeley, he was inspired to build an integrative project management system that allows users to keep track of their project work scope and budget online.

Currently, Ronald is also the Managing Director at Keio Engineering Co Ltd., a MEP contracting company that provides design, installation and maintenance service in electrical systems, MVAC, plumbing & drainage, and fire services across various commercial industries in Hong Kong, Macau, and China. Jper Technology Limited is a subsidiary under Keio Holdings Limited. To learn more about Keio, you may visit www.keio.com.hk or contact info@keio.com.hk for more details.

Why Jper?

Jper is a tool especially programmed to promote trust and transparency throughout the process of home and business remodeling. With the mission to eliminate ambiguous money spent on contracting and materials, we only match our service users with qualified and experienced designers and contractors. We aim to ask the right questions so they can easily understand your functionality and style preferences; in return, they are encouraged to submit more accurate design proposals and contracting quotes that are catered to your needs.

Remodeling shouldn’t be filled with anxiety and uncertainty. We will guide and help you to manage your own project for free. Sign up now to simplify your experience and execute your project with confidence.