How To Use Jper

Easily Manage Your Home, Shop, and Office Remodeling Projects

How Does It Work for Project Owners?

1: Sign Up and Create Your Project

It’s free to use Jper. Set up your profile and select the type of remodeling project you want to create. Rather it be a remodeling project for your home, office, or shop, simply fill out a questionnaire on your ideas, goals, budget, and style preferences to create a project. Remember to fill out as much information as possible and upload any support documents. Having a detailed project brief means more accurate design proposals and contracting quotations. Contact us directly if you would like to hire our team to help you with creating a project and completing your matching process.

2: Compare and Select Up To 2 Design Proposals

If you choose to hire an interior designer, your project will be posted to the designer's bidding platform first. Designers who are registered with Jper will have access to your project criteria. Those who are interested can bid on your project by providing you with preliminary design concepts and an estimation of the total project cost. You can choose up to 2 design proposals to proceed.

3: Get Bids and Select the Best Contracting Quotation

After your chosen design proposal(s) are posted on the contractor's bidding platform, Interested Contractors can bid on one or both design proposals of the project. You may compare all the quotations you received before finalizing your decision to complete your match.

4: Meet Your Team and Kick-Start Your Project

After confirming your final quote selection, you will first need to deposit to your Jper account as the available funds for your project. Once it is posted to the account, the team's contact information will be released to all users. You may use our platform to select and view the best date to kick-start your project, or you may directly contact your team to schedule your meet-up.

5: Collaborate and Manage Your Budget

Safely manage your project online. Your designer and contractor will be asked to upload all the specific tasks, materials, and budget for your approval before commencement of the project. This step ensures that all parties involved are clear on the budget expectations of the final delivery.

6: Safely Make Your Payments Online

Your service providers (service professionals) will issue their bills through Jper, this allows you to see the task breakdown and the percentage allocation of amount due clearly stated on each invoice. Safely use Jper to pay your service professionals online and the Budget Plan will be automatically updated to reflect your progress, keeping you in control of all costs.


Would Jper recommend me on which service provider (service professional) to select from?

Jper will not provide you with any recommendations on which designer or contractor to hire. However, you may refer to their ratings and view their portfolio on Jper when you receive their quotes. We suggest you to carefully review each proposal or quote that you receive from the service professionals as price may not be the best indicator of a company’s service quality.

Why should I continue to use Jper for my remodeling after I have made a match?

Although it seems more straightforward to directly work with your service provider (serivce professional), it is crucial to keep track of your cost items and be clear on what you will be charged on throughout your project. In many cases, contractors may be ambiguous on listing out all their items and you may not be aware of the breakdown when you receive your invoice. With Jper, your service providers must upload all cost items for your review and approval before they can issue an invoice. You will pay your invoices via Jper with the available funds on your account. Lastly, Jper will withhold 10% of your total invoiced amount as retention, and this lump sum will only be disbursed to the contractor after your confirmation on project completion.

How do I pay my interior designer or contractor via Jper?

After a successful match, you will need to deposit available funds to your account before officially commencing your project on Jper.

Simply make a deposit to our designated Jper bank account using bank transfer or ATM with cash or cheques, then submit a “Fund Deposit Notice” on Jper to notify us of your action. We will then review and post the amount to your Jper account. You can then pay your invoices directly with Jper.

Can I withdraw my available funds on my account before project completion?

Yes, you may request for a withdrawal of the remainder available funds on your account anytime before or after project completion. However, we do not recommend you to withdraw your available funds if there are any unpaid invoices on your account.

How Does It Work for Service Professionals?

Sign up for free by submitting your company portfolio, BR, and other related certifications to Jper for approval. Our team will screen your profile to check the validity of the credentials provided.

For registered designers and contractors, you will have immediate access to the Available for Bidding page. You may choose to bid on any home, office, or shop remodeling projects that you are interested in. When a project owner has selected you proposal or quote, you will be notified to proceed to the next phase. Jper does not charge any commission fee on the project. To encourage a succesful and smooth project completion, we will withold a retention fee of 10% for each invoice issued by the Service Professional. This amount will be released back to the Service Professional within 14 days after confirmation by the Project Owner.

Once a match is confirmed, we ask our Service Professionals to upload your agreed project scope, task list, materials, and contract amount to Jper so Owners can manage their projects easily and remotely. You will issue your invoices through Jper and project owners will pay you accordingly.

Once you are logged in, you may go to Help Centre for more instructions on each step or contact us directly via Jper's mailbox.