Available Funds Policy

1.   Registered Project Owners who are actively using Jper's services (“Account Owner”) are responsible for managing their Available Funds Account for each project they own. The account is for the purpose of storing (depositing) and paying (withdrawing) the invoices issued by designers and contractors (“Service Professionals”) via the platform.

2.   Jper is financially responsible for the Account Owner’s available funds from the first record of deposit and continues up to the full withdrawal of the funds. Jper’s responsibility as to the Account Owner’s funds ends when the funds leave Jper’s bank account or any other account related to Jper.

3.   Account Owner has the right to demand from Jper the remainder balance of funds which is available in their account at the time of the inquiry.

4.   The only official deposit/withdrawal methods are the methods that appear on Jper’s official Website and so Account Owner will bare all the risks related to the use of other unofficial payment methods.

5.   Jper shall not be responsible for the activities of any third-party service providers that the Account Owner may use in order to make any deposit/withdrawal. Jper’s financial responsibility for the Account Holder’s funds starts when the funds arrive to Jper’s bank account or any other account related to Jper. In case any fraud appears during the financial transaction or after it, Jper reserves the right to cancel the transaction and to freeze the Account Owner’s account.

6.   Jper isn’t responsible for any delay or cancellation of financial transactions that may be caused by the third-party service providers (eg. Bank). In case where the Account Owner has any claims related to any of the payment, it’s their responsibility to contact the support service of the payment and to notify Jper of their claims.

7.   In case of any technical errors that may appear when processing the financial transaction, Jper reserves the right to cancel that transaction and all other Account Owner’s financial activity on Jper’s Website.


Jper reserves the right to reject Account Owner’s deposit if it is not a deposit made via the mentioned deposit channels. The funds will be deposited into the Account Owner’s intended Available Funds Account upon the provision of valid proof of deposit and approval by Jper. To avoid delay in depositing, we strongly advise you to follow the above mentioned instructions on proper deposit procedures and channels, otherwise, Account Owners should bear the responsibility of all ultimate consequences.

1.   At Step 7 of the Matching phase, Project Owners are advised to deposit 15% of the total estimated project cost to the project’s Available Funds Account. When the account is credited, Jper will release the full contact information of the matched Project Owner and Service Professional(s) to signal project commencement.

Deposit methods include Internet Banking / Phone banking / ATM / Bank counter cash bank-in service / cheque:
Cash should be deposited to Hang Seng Bank 024-395-696859-883;
Cheque deposited to Jper Account should be made payable to "Jper Technology Limited".

(Alternatively, Project Owners can visit Jper’s Head Office to drop off the cheque in person)

2.   Project Owners must notify Jper of the deposit via the platform's “Deposit Fund Notice” page (We do not accept deposit notification via the telephone as this moment). You must submit your deposit date, bank name, deposit channel, deposit method, reference number from the transaction, and an image of the receipt as proof of deposit.

3.   The funds will be deposited into Project Owner’s Available Funds Account upon the provision of valid proof of deposit and approval by Jper. All deposit instructions received from Project Owners after the daily cut-off time (Monday – Friday, after 6:00pm) will be handled the next working day.

4.   Account Owners can check their deposit status on Jper’s “Transaction History” page under the “Account Management” tab. All incoming and outgoing transactions are recorded on this page.

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Withdrawal Instructions

1.   Project Owners may choose to withdraw their available funds any time after paying the first issued invoice from Service Professionals. However, we do not recommend Project Owners to withdraw from their Available Funds Account when the project is still in progress or has outstanding balance from unpaid invoice(s). To proceed with the withdrawal, please click on the [Withdraw Remainder Available Funds] button at the bottom of the "Account Management" page.

2.   Withdrawal requests are processed by the financial department of the Company one-at-a-time. The processing time is 3-5 business days. Jper reserves the right to increase the processing time.

3.   Jper will ask you to fill out a withdrawal form upon your request to withdraw available funds from your account. The Account Owner is fully responsible for the information he/she provides to Jper through the withdrawal request.

4.   Check the status of your withdrawal at the “Transaction History” page under “Account Management” tab.

5.   Jper only accepts Account Owners to request for and withdraw funds in their own name, and does not accept any application and withdrawal of funds from third parties. The amount will be payable by cheque in Account Owner's name and it can be picked up in person or mail to the address as stated in the form.